I loved You

Crab grip King ring

Margarita ring

Obsidian Lovers


Bird - leaf ring


Isla de Creta


No doubt

Spider in ecstasy

Fish caught ring

Cox ring

I ´am interested in the fact that sculpture has a no verbal language; beyond limits, beyond meanings… the emptiness in my pieces is not a thing, it is an energy.

About me

“You are not an Artist simply because you paint or sculpt, or make pots that can not be used. An Artist is a POET in her or his own medium; and when an Artist creates a good piece, that work has a “mystery, an unsaid quality, a pulse… it is alive”.


Toshiko Takaezu


I am in Art for the spiritual and physical experience……….. The forms, the materials, the emptiness in my sculptural jewelry, so close to the body, is a valuable exchange of thoughts and feelings, and it always brings out something to the wearer or “the contemplator”.

Scale is not just a matter of size or volume, is a matter of meaning, is a very particular quantity… “a poetic quantity”.

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